Amber Baroque Pearl Necklace

Vangod Brings You the “Pearl Goddess” Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set. Multi Amber Colors Brings the Warmest Touch to the Skin and Works Well with Most Dress Colors. Grade AA; 12MM Pearls; Baroque Shape; Sterling Silver Clasp.

MSRP $199.99

Vangod’s Athletic Sports Bra

10% Spandex, 90% Nylon, Pullover Style. Perfect for Athletic Activities & Gym Use. Light, Breathable Material, Allowing you to be comfortable and have support for any occasion! Made to support medium to high impact activity, and as a comforable all day wear.

Vangod’s Flirty Rabbit Vibrator

Vangod’s Flirty Rabbit vibrator is a luxurious silicone massager that delivers nothing but intense pleasure. The silicone is certified safe, clean & scent free but it’s also the most comforting. It is extra soft, silky and slippery to the touch. It feels just like a lubricated penis. Read More

Vangod’s Plump Pride Dildo

Vangod’s Plump Pride Dildo is a fat 8-inch long dildo that will fill you all the way up. Crafted from weighty, firm, yet flexible silicone to create the most realistic lifelike male appendage. The dildo uses a liquid food-grade quality silicone. Read More

Vangod’s Black Bullet

At only 3 inches long and with a girth of only three quarters of an inch and a weight of less than one ounce, Vangod’s Black Bullet vibrator is the perfect permanent purse belonging. And it packs some intense vibrations. Read More             

Vangod’s 8-inch Black Wand

Vangod’s 8-inch Black Wand massager packs all the power of a big wand massager into an eight-inch long, two-inch wide cordless device. With 8 speed settings and 20 escalating pulse settings, you can customize and get the most pleasure out of your experience. Read More                       

Vangod’s G-Spot Genie

Vangod’s G-Spot Genie is a subtle and gentle massager with a long thin flexible cone tip. The vibrator was engineered to be gently pressed on various sexual pinpoints such as the clitoris glans, the urethral opening, and the vaginal opening. Read More

Remote Kegel Exerciser

Kegel Exerciser has a silky soft external layer of medical grade silicone followed by an inner more durable heavy layer of ABS and silicone. Vangod’s remote controlled kegel is 7.3 inches in length and the first kegel ball has a diameter of 1.4 inches. Read More

Vangod’s Green Voodoo Wand

Vangod’s Green Magic Wand is designed with nothing but pleasure in mind. Like any Vangod product, it is not a cheaply made toy; it is a well-made toy. It actually costs 15 dollars just to manufacture this vibrator. Read More                     

Vangod’s Violator

Vangod’s Violator is the perfect trimerged anal (or vaginal) plug with a firm easy grip handle. The Violator is the perfect size and shape for beginners to get introduced to anal play. Simply grip and “spin the dial” to choose between a smooth, ribbed, or jeweled plug. Read More

The Original Rabbit

The “Original Rabbit Vibrator” is a classic you can count on in a world of post-modern sex toys. This time-honored clitoral massage toy has ten modes and operates on three AAA batteries (not included). It is completely waterproof and packs a lot of power. Read More

Vangod’s Vibrating Cock Ring

Equipped with dual ring support and very intense vibrations that resonate all over the device and anything it touches, Vangod’s Vibrating Cock Ring is the perfect tool for couples. Put the control in your partner’s hand with the wireless remote. Read More

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You may know Vangod as a global best-selling adult male actor. The Japanese know him as a prototype for dildo’s and vibrators and other adult wellness products sold under his name. Look for the mark of the “V” to know you are handling a bonafide Vangod product. Note, some products cannot be engraved with the sacred “V” due to the nature of the mechanics but almost all products have the mark of the V. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Unlike most adult products companies which do not accept returns, Vangod welcomes all returns as he has a zero tolerance for customer dissatisfaction. If you don’t reach a mind-warping orgasm, expect a full refund including your shipping.